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  • Love, love, love this place. It's not like a gym at all! I look forward to working out here every single class I take. I am stronger, more confident, and am improving my overall fitness everyday. It's the best decision I've made in a long time. Every level of fitness fits in here!

    Perry Jacks
  • By far the best workouts and best people around... this is an amazing place to get or stay fit!

    Alex Aarons
  • Original Strength is the best workout philosophy I have ever encountered, and the instructors at OSI make everyone feel welcome and supported. I have spent lots of time in big box gyms through the years, and will never go back! OSI teaches us how to use our bodies without fancy equipment, the way we were born to move. And they are truly like family. Love this place

    Erin Emmerick
  • I found OPT four years ago. When I came, I came with baggage. I walked in with a number on the scale and a list a mile long of things I couldn't do. But with their "come as you are, start where you are" attitude, along with knowledge of how to, and effort… slowly but surely I began crossing things off of my list.

    The coolest part about that was that I started adding to the list, things that I wanted to do because I was able to now... like going and getting my CNA license andworking my dream job... As OPT is evolving to OSI, the original strength institute, I am privileged to keep changing right along with them. Change often takes place so gradually that you don't take notice of it... the original strength institute is worth taking notice of.

    One of my favorite quotes says this: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”....I'll never forget my ' first's'... walking a mile for the first time... being able to get down on the floor and back up... these moments are just a few that have taken my breath away... they gave me a new... better way of life...

    OSI is more than just a gym...I am more than just a number.

    Bailey Worthey
  • The folks (+Tim Anderson, +Dani Almeyda, +Mindy Gagliard) are very knowledgeable and work with me to achieve my goals. They do a great job of encouraging me to exceed my own expectations while being very aware of my capabilities. They've also turned me on Original Strength and I feel I've found a whole new level of strength, flexibility and overall good health. I recommend them to people of all ages and abilities.

    Earl Ali
  • I started off a year ago, barely able to do a push up and definitely not a sit up. After 3 babies, I had started to experience Diastasis recti as the muscles in my belly had separated. This was causing so many back problems for me and was making it really hard to pick up my children. One year later, I'm almost up to 46 sit ups, 30 push ups (all in a minute), no back pain and I feel amazing. I've run in three 5K's, I'm climbing stairs without feeling the need to pass out, and I'm losing weight. OPT Fitness changed my life and it can change yours also.

    Sabrina Prole

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