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Small Group Training Enrolling In 1/26/2023 of Winston- Salem offers small group training designed to help you return to the body you were meant to have. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, or recover from injury our programs can help you achieve any objective. By regularly attending our group fitness classes you will be able to monitor and track your progress as your body transforms.

Our classes help you:

  • Rebuild your foundation of strength
  • Increase health and mobility
  • Reduce your chance of injury
  • Maximize your efforts to build lean muscles that are just as strong as they look

If you want a strong heart, mind, and body, these classes were created with you in mind

Our small group training classes are filled with individuals all working to boost their lifestyles through fitness. A passion to achieve similar goals will provide you with a supportive community that wants to see you succeed. Our experienced trainers are used to working with people of all ages and fitness backgrounds.

Some of the Courses we Offer Include:

  • Foundations Small Group - Participants learn the 5 basic human movements (Pushing, Pulling, Squatting, Hinging, Gait) and how to safely strength train within these movements. The strength training process involves multiple tools: kettlebells, ropes, rocks, bodyweight, TRX, and other fun objects!
  • Bulletproof Kettlebells - This class is designed to make you work hard and is geared all-around bells
  • Family-Friendly Small Group - This is a family-friendly class where children 8 and up can participate in class with their parents!

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No Contracts. Just a monthly commitment to yourself for as low as $13.25 per session. For more information on our Small Group Fitness Training classes simply fill out the form located on the side of this page.

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